Massive update on Brock Boeser's injury: The provenance revealed

Felip Gosselin
May 23, 2024  (8:04 PM)

Brock Boeser
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It was a break-out season for Brock Boeser, who proved his detractors wrong. The Canucks' 2015 1st Round Pick lived up to every expectation and finally hit the 40-goal mark.

Even better, Boeser kept it up when came the playoffs and led the Canucks in goals, up until an unexpected injury ruled him out for the tie-breaking game against the Oilers. During today's exit interview, Boeser was asked about how he felt regarding his absence from that game, and his answer shows how much he cared:
"To not be out there with these guys in Game 7 that really hurt," says Boeser of being held out of the #Canucks' decisive game due to a blood clot issue.

The forward reflected on the second round and highlighted the provenance of the injury. In game one against the Oilers, Boeser blocked a shot that eventually bruised. The impact on his leg created a clot, and about a week later, Brock had pain in his calf. An MRI in the following days revealed that the clotting had attained a level preventing him from playing in this year's most important game:
Brock Boeser says he blocked a shot in Game 1 that bruised, and it was about a week later that his calf start to hurt. A scan after Game 6 showed enough clotting that it prevented him from playing Game 7. #Canucks @Sportsnet650

The Canucks' number 6, however, delivered a promising update on his health status. We first learned that neither his life nor his career were in danger; today, Boeser updated and revealed that it would not impact his off-season training.
Brock Boeser says the clotting issue won't impact his training ability this summer. He just has to be careful not to get cut or hit his head because he's on blood thinners. #Canucks @Sportsnet650

Following a career year when he scored 40 goals and 73 points in 81 games, Boeser's intentions are to repeat the exploits. During his interview, Boeser said that his mindset had been the key to success. Hopefully, this injury doesn't set him back, and he returns to his 40 40-goal-scorer self.
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Massive update on Brock Boeser's injury: The provenance revealed

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