Are The Vancouver Canucks Giving Up On Vasily Podkolzin Already?

Published February 23, 2023 at 5:04 PM

The Vancouver Canucks are an interesting team. They believe they have the right pieces in the locker room to be a playoff team with a slight retooling and a few trades.

With the NHL trade deadline coming up, this is when the rumor scene runs wild. This would be discussed on the hit podcast show Sekeres & Price where they would discuss some potential trades, including a shocking one.

They suggested possibly trading away 2019 first round pick Vasily Podkolzin to help trade away Brock Boeser:

"What I wonder is everyone is suggesting salary has to be retained in a Brock Boeser trade, and I wonder if you can pay your way outta that? I'm not advocating this but, I heard the name Vasily Podkolzin today. You know how much that pains me to say because I am a Podkolzin believer, but I do think he's underachieved and has to be better then he's been. But I've heard his name today as a possible sweetener and I wonder if that trade comes up in a effort to help reduce the salary in a Brock Boeser trade."

That is definitely a bold move, yes it would help move Boeser but that's also a gamble to give up a player of Podkolzin's potential. If this trade does come to futrition and Podkolzin is added in to get a deal done, I hope it doesn't come back to bite the Canucks in the ass.
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Are The Vancouver Canucks Giving Up On Vasily Podkolzin Already?

Would you trade away Vasily Podkolzin to get rid of Brock Boeser?

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