LATEST | Bedard reveals his all-time favorite hockey moment and it'll make Canucks fans very happy

Published May 10, 2023 at 11:01

Top prospect for the 2023 NHL Entry Draft, Connor Bedard, was a fan of the Vancouver Canucks growing up, especially being from the city. Even before the 2022-23 season, Bedard said in a video posted on his WHL team's social media accounts that he hopes the Canucks win the 2023 Stanley Cup.

Bedard recently sat down with Sportsnet's Colby Armstrong and discussed his all-time favourite hockey moment and it's a moment that Vancouver Canucks fans will remember for the rest of their lives.

"I was at Game 5, 2011 against San Jose and Vancouver in the Western Conference Finals. So that was the game with that Bieksa goal that no one knew where the puck was. You know what I'm talking about? That was the slapper from the blue line. It hit the glass and then no one knew where it was. It was just out of nowhere. So I was there for that game, which was pretty cool." Bedard said when asked about his favourite hockey moment.

He added, "But I was a little kid. I was five or six, so the guy behind me like, jumped up and all his beer spilled on my head. So I go home and my mom was like, 'why do you smell? You just reek of alcohol'. It was funny. But to be there and like, you know, maybe the biggest moment in Canucks history, obviously being a fan growing up was pretty special."

Bedard is more than likely to end up with Chicago Blackhawks, who had plenty of fierce battles with Vancouver during the Stanley Cup Playoffs while Bedard was growing up. It was always a longshot that Bedard would end up with his hometown team, but the Canucks came so, so close to winning the lottery as their number combination was only one off of Chicago, who ultimately won.

While we don't know the NHL's 2023-24 schedule yet, as it won't be released until July or August like every year, Bedard's first trip back home to face the Canucks will be a very special moment and something we look forward to watching.

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