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LATEST | Jake Guentzel refuses a hefty contract offer from the Penguins: Canucks about to get involved?

Published January 30, 2024 at 8:30 PM
The Penguins' executives hired the former Leafs GM Kyle Dubas to be their new President and after pulling massive moves to bring one of the game's top player, things just haven't gone the right way. Erik Karlsson joined the Pens with hopes of having another deep playoff run, but everything points toward the Pens going into a fire sale and the Canucks could be one of the benefactors from such an outcome.


The two time Stanley Cup winner Jake Guentzel is bound to be an unrestricted free agent by the end of the season and the extension talks have obviously begun. The Pens submitted a first offer to their star winger, but judging at how big the offer was and the cap room the Pens have to work with, they may have no other choice but to move him.

According to sources, Guentzel would've denied an extension worth around $50M for the next 6 years:

Kyper said his understanding is Pens offered Guentzel something around 50 mill. 6 years at around 8.5 mill.

Seravalli said the offers sounds short on term and dollars.

(Kyper & Bourne)

Sitting 6 points short of a playoff spot, and with no indication that a positive ending is imminent to the contract negociations, Jake Guentzel is getting closer, by the day, to a trade out of Pittsburgh. With his enormous ask, even if the Canucks did acquire his services, Guentzel would likely wind up being a rental.

Guentzel is a proven goal scorer, he reached the 40 goal mark twice since his career started and is on pace to repeat the exploit.
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LATEST | Jake Guentzel refuses a hefty contract offer from the Penguins: Canucks about to get involved?

If the Canucks have an opportunity to acquire Guentzel, should they make a deal?

Yes whatever the cost807.4 %
Yes, only if he agrees to a new deal30828.5 %
No, only at a reasonable price tag69164 %
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