MAJOR | Coyotes' players file a formal complaint regarding the team's upper management

Published May 25, 2023 at 8:35 PM

The Coyotes have been headlining many different articles for a variety of reasons, but yet again, they've found another to attract bad press.

Players voice their anger: Team's star could be on the move

It's not a secret, when you can only welcome 5000 fans it is to be expected that revenue is low. However, it is not acceptable to have less spending, especially with the standards that were set in the collective bargaining agreement.

Now, the franchise has reached an all-time low since many players have come forward and called out the team's subpar treatment while on the road:

This sort of treatment does not sit well with certain players and some stars have been involved in the complaining and they could very well be asking out soon.

As reported earlier, Logan Cooley, the latest 3rd overall pick, refused to sign and has decided to go back to the NCAA. He is the first top 10 pick in the last 30 years to dominate the NCAA this much in his freshman year who's decided to NOT turn pro.

While Cooley is not yet under contract and has no obligations to the team, Clayton Keller's dad came out and made a very worrisome statement regarding his son's future:

The Coyotes barely have a franchise and fanbase to hold onto, if their star players keep refusing to join them it's going to be a problem. Losing Keller and Cooley would definitely set them back another few years in their forever-rebuilding phase.

They've already been saved by the league on multiple occasions, how long can they keep it going?

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