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Published November 13, 2022 at 6:35 PM

There is always the hilarious argument whenever you talk top scoring Siblings in NHL history.

Of course, it's Wayne & Brent Gretzky, who 'teamed up' for 2861 to be the highest scoring brother duo in the league's history. A quick peek behind the curtain however shows that Wayne had the lions share, to be kind about it.

2857 of those 2861 are courtesy of 'The Great One'. Not exactly symmetrical in terms of equal input. The leaders, the Sutter brothers, which consists of 6 young guns who all made the show, have only 75 more combined points than Wayne...And Brent.


The true eye popping numbers, aside from '99' of course, is that Daniel & Henrik Sedin are 4th all time, behind the 2 aforementioned bloodlines as well as the Stastny brothers, Peter, Anton & Marian although again, it's a trio not a duo. When you break up the numbers Anton contributed 636, Marian only 294 while Peter had an impressive 1239 of his own. What makes that more impressive is doing it in less than 1000 games, needing only 977 to get the job done.

The Sedin are a different story all together.

First off, obviously, they are twins. They have a different wave of communication available to them that opponents have commented on noticing. An innate way of knowing where each other are without needing eye contact to do it. They joked this week they would make sounds on the ice & Alex Burrows suggested they spoke to each other like dolphins.

They definitely shared the high level of intelligence, especially on the ice as they combined for a whopping 2111 Points with Daniel adding 1048, Henrik with an almost identical 1063, that according to Rogers Sportsnet. Although it should be noted I have found conflicting reports on the that suggest their totals are in fact higher than that, with Henrik registering an official 1080 so making that total 2128.


Regardless, what can't be argued is their magic on the ice, which was evident from the respect & statements from their peers all weekend in Toronto. Congratulations to, for me, the best brother duo in the League's history, what do you think?
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Who was the best 1-2 punch Brother Combo

Sedins18287.1 %
Gretzkys62.9 %
Sutters73.3 %
Stastnys146.7 %
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