WOW: Fans are not keen on Miller in recent comments

Published December 12, 2022 at 10:03

J.T. Miller inked a new deal over the summer, one that will earn him $56M over the next 7 years kicking in on July 1st.

Since he signed that deal, Miller has not been even a shadow of what he showed last season in a career high 99 points production. The forward was 14th in voting for the Hart but more importantly, 23rd in voting for the Selke (best 2-way forward).

Since the season's started, Miller defensive play and effort, has been atrocious and the fans are not pleased with it. Here's the latest report on the subject:

Is asking to sit him for a whole too much? I know he's meant to be a leader on this group, but is he really the source of the problems?

One thing's sure, what we've been witnessing so far this year is miles away from the player we've seen in the 2021-2022 campaign and signed to $56M.
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WOW: Fans are not keen on Miller in recent comments

What's Boudreau's play here

Sit him for a whole period2721.1 %
Scratch him for a game6853.1 %
He’s not the problem, give him the confidence3325.8 %
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