Blackhawks Players Not Happy With Kane And Lafferty Trades Coming

Published February 26, 2023 at 11:23

To say the mood around the Chicago Blackhawks isn't very good right now would be a understatement. After the news was broke that the Blackhawks General Manager Kyle Davidson sent Patrick Kane home for trade reasons and that Sam Lafferty was scratched really hit hard to their teammates.

The Blackhawks were in San Jose Saturday night to face the Sharks, but before the game the media tried to get insights from the players perspectives how they felt about Lafferty and Kane's imminent trades. That obviously didn't sit well with their teammates including Max Domi, and Connor Murphy here's what they had to say:

"When ‘Kaner' didn't come to practice Friday, it felt a little weird right away," Murphy said. "And then today, now Lafferty not coming out on the ice with us, it feels weird.

Everyone knew, though, heading into this road trip, that guys are going to be walking on eggshells off the ice, not knowing what's going to happen. And sometimes you don't know whose names are going to be called, and when and where. It's just a hard thing."

Domi joined the Blackhawks via free agency and when he first got to Chicago, revealed how excited he was to play with Kane. Domi who's already got a short fuse seemed pissed off with the media asking about Kane:

"Usually when you have an NHL game, you're focusing on the NHL game," Domi said. "Everything else is just noise, as far as I'm concerned."

Murphy would also discuss how tough it is knowing Kane won't ever put that Blackhawks Sweater on again:

"It's hard to put in words the impact that he has made over the years, the career he has had with Chicago and [how] he has helped make the Blackhawks into what it is today,» Murphy said. «It's hard to express the meaning of him not being in a Blackhawk sweater, really."

Despite their minds obviously elsewhere, the Blackhawks would manage to defeat the Sharks 4-3 in a shootout.


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Blackhawks Players Not Happy With Kane And Lafferty Trades Coming

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