Wild Bench clearing brawl erupts in Senior Hockey

Published March 26, 2023 at 11:09

It seems as if Bench Clearing Brawl is a regular occurrence in Senior Hockey, especially in Quebec, where it's happened on multiple occasions this year.

It's playoff season in regional senior hockey leagues and things heated up pretty good in Plessisville, a village close to Montreal. Both teams ended up clearing their bench and even the backup goaltenders were on the ice to exchange a few knuckle shots. The local media even covered the events:

Is it time we considered banning fights from Senior Hockey? At the end of the day, these guys only make a few hundred bucks per game and they will have to report to their daily jobs on Monday.
March 26   |   101 answers
Wild Bench clearing brawl erupts in Senior Hockey

Should fights be banned from Senior Hockey?

No, it's what Senior Hockey is about6463.4 %
Yes, security first3736.6 %
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